Murica: American Opera & More! (FB Live) Event Image

Murica: American Opera & More! (FB Live)

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Hop River Brewing Company - 1515 N. Harrison St

It’s the ‘murican way! When someone mentions opera, it is easy to think of Europe, but what about the USA? In honor of Independence Day, we are here to celebrate the American musical style through art song, opera, operetta, and musical theatre. We are also excited to partner up with Hop River Brewing Company, who have recently returned with new beer flavors (in addition to the favorites) to serve our community! Join us as we celebrate the American tradition of drinking beer...with some singing involved!

Disclaimer: Due to the pandemic, we WILL be having another Facebook live stream! Be sure to tune in on our Facebook page for the video! Hope to see you there!!