Pete Dio and The Old & Dirty Event Image

Pete Dio and The Old & Dirty

Hosted by Trubble Brewing
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Trubble Brewing - 2725 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807

Oh how we've missed live shows! Come and join us for the return of live music at Trubble.
Pete Dio and The Old & Dirty do not disappoint. 

It's also our Beerversary! Celebrate with us on the patio and enjoy the beer, the music, the food, the vibe. 

It's going to be a fantastic time following all the rules and guidelines established for reopening. 

About Pete Dio & The Old & Dirty:

Influenced by many branches of country music such as the classic Bakersfield sound, old time Honky Tonk and the late 60's early 70's alt country movement. Combined with his own musically history of Punk n Blues, Pete Dio has carved out his own little niche of Midwest Americana.

And altho this new outfit has roots of its own dating back to 2012 as simply "Old and Dirty", playing original bluegrass numbers nearing thrash metal speeds, Pete's current songwriting has maturing to something more atmospheric. As displayed in the new songs currently available on all music streaming platforms; "Far Too Long" and "On & On"

Don't miss these talented fellas.