Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I keep track of beers that I have tried?

A: Any time you rate, review, or add a beer to your favorites list it will automatically show up in your user profile. To rate, review, or favorite a beer you must first login or create an account.

Q: How come I can only rate and review certain beers?

A: The only beers that are eligible to be rated and reviewed on are those which come from local Fort Wayne breweries. You may search for any beer you can think of, but non-local brews are on the site solely for the purpose of being able to locate them at a local Fort Wayne brewery and/or bar.

Q: What if I really like a certain beer?

A: Add it your favorites! On every local beer's page there is the option to add that beer to your favorites list by clicking the heart icon by the rating bar. Favorited beers will also show up in your user profile.

Q: What if I really like a certain brewery or bar?

A: When you are logged in, every brewery and bar will have a " Subscribe" link in the top right (above their summary). Clicking this will add the brewery/bar to you subscriptions list which can be managed in you profile. Subscribing to a brewery/bar will help Fort Wayne Brews tailor its content to your personal preferences, as well as keep you more accurately updated on the things you care about.

Q: I'm trying to find a beer but it's not showing up in the search results. How else can I find it?

A: Try our Advanced Search feature! At the bottom of the search results page there is a link titled "Advanced Beer Search". This will pop up a box with an alternative search field and should help you find what you're looking for.

Q: How can I find where a certain beer is available?

A: On every beer's page there is an "Available Locations" link. Clicking this link with display a popup with all the breweries and bars' beer lists that beer is associated with.

Q: I already use Untappd. How can I connect my accounts?

A: To connect your Untappd account to Fort Wayne Brews simply go into your Fort Wayne Brews account settings and click the "Connect" button in the "Untappd Connection" section.

Q: Can I check in beers to Untappd from

A: Yes! Once you have connected your Untappd account in your Fort Wayne Brews account settings, any time you rate a beer you will have the option to "Check-in on Untappd" by clicking the button that appears. This will open a popup with a small Untappd form with your rating already carried over. Simply click the "Check-in" button when you are done filling out your desired check-in details and you will have successfully checked in a beer to Untappd.

Q: How can I find a brewery or bar that's close to me?

A: To find the nearest breweries navigate to the breweries page and filter the results by "Near Me". To find the nearest bars, navigate to the bars page and do the same. You can also click the "Map" tab on each of those pages to get a full mapped listing of breweries/bars relative to your location. You will need to allow location access if prompted by your web browser in order for Fort Wayne Brews to provide you with the most accurate results.

Q: How can I rate and review a brewery or bar that I have been to?

A: To rate a brewery or bar, you can either search for it specifically or browse for it on the site. Once on the desired location's page you can give the brewery/bar a rating from .5 to 5 stars where it says "Your Rating", and leave a review about your experience in the "Leave a Review" section.

Q: Is there a way to see what beer a brewery or bar has on tap?

A: There is! If available, public beer list links are displayed on each brewery/bar's page. These list titles may vary, but are generally along the lines of "On Tap" or "Bottles & Cans", etc. Upon clicking on a beer list link, a poup will display all the beers associated with that list.

Q: What if I want to see all the beers a specific brewery has brewed?

A: In the left sidebar on every brewery's page, there is an "All Brews" link. This will take you to a list of all the beers Fort Wayne Brews currently has on record for that brewery.

Q: Is there a place to see when a brewery or bar is open, or their hours of operation?

A: In the left sidebar on every brewery and bar's page, there is an "Hours" link. This will display a popup with the current hours of each location.

Q: How can I find events going on in Fort Wayne?

A: The main slider on the homepage displays a number of featured and upcoming local events. You can view a full event list on the events page. Each brewery and bar that has posted event(s) will also have a "Hosted Events" link in the sidebar of their respective pages.

Q: Is it possible for me to RSVP to events?

A: Yes it is! On each event's page there is a response drop down with options of "No Response", "Interested", and "Going". When you respond to an event it will automatically show up for you in your profile where you can manage and keep track of your upcoming events.

Have a question not covered in this list? Feel free to contact us at [email protected].