Sep 03, 2021 — 3 Floyds Distillery signs statewide distribution deal

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3 Floyds Distillery, the offshoot of the acclaimed 3 Floyds Brewing, signed a statewide distribution deal.

The artisan distillery reached an agreement with South Bend-based Republic National Distributing Co. to distribute its spirits at retail locations across the Hoosier State.

"In the weeks to come, the entire 3 Floyds Distilling spirit lineup will be invading the shelves of liquor stores, restaurants and establishments in which you (responsibly) sip cocktails," 3 Floyds Distillery posted on social media. "That’s right — Divine Rite, Büsthedd, Wight VVitch, Oude Boatface and Blanq Reavers will be readily available to our neighbors and supporters across the state."

After years of construction, 3 Floyds, the largest craft brewery in Indiana that's won internationally acclaim for its "not normal" craft beers, opened a distillery next door to its now-closed brewpub in 2019.

The distillery at 9750 Indiana Par...

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