Dec 31, 2020 — Allen County lifts some bar, restaurant restrictions; urges community to continue caution

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) — Bars and restaurants in Allen County can now stay open past midnight just in time for New Year's Eve as the county's "color-code status" has improved, health officials say.

The state COVID-19 map is updated each Wednesday, and for the past two weeks, Allen County has been coded as "orange" -- an improvement from the "red" level it had been at previously.

That means restaurants and bars -- as well as gyms -- can operate a bit more freely.

“While we are encouraged to see a decrease in case numbers, positivity rates and hospitalizations in recent weeks, the lift in these restrictions is not meant to send a message that we are safe to go about life as normal,” said health commissioner Dr. Matthew Sutter. “We ask Allen County residents and businesses to remain vigilant with practices that help us continue on a downward trajectory in the spread of this deadly disease.

"Please continue to stay home as mu...

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