Jan 09, 2021 — Museum to feature 10 “Breakout 2021” artists

Original article from kpcnews.com

A new show at the Garrett Museum of Art highlights 10 artists who the museum staff believes are on the path to recognition and exposure in their respective fields.

The “Breakout 2021” exhibit opens with a reception Friday, Jan. 15, from 6-8 p.m. and continues through Feb. 7.

“They are fresh, exciting talents who are taking risks in hopes of becoming the career artists of tomorrow,” the museum said in a news release. “They are rising stars and are offering us the opportunity to be among the first to showcase their exceptional talents.”

Profiles of the 10 artists:

Gretchen Schreiber is an MFA candidate in metalwork, jewelry design and digital fabrication at Northern Illinois University and is pursuing a second master’s degree in art education. She is currently pursuing a body of independent sculptures and wearables, such as the jewelry she brings to the show.

Abi Mustapha is a Sierra Leonean/American, and graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degr...

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