Sep 23, 2021 — ‘Supply chain issues’ forcing beer supplier to make adjustments

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Similar issues that have plagued stores and suppliers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have forced changes at beer and alcohol suppliers. Regional beer wholesaler Five Star Distributing has had to make adjustments other companies across the country have made.

The president of Five Star told WANE 15 that the strain on the supply chain has made it to the beer business, by way of packaging of the product. As of Wednesday, the company was struggling most with the supply of 12 ounce bottles. There have been shortages of crowns, also known as bottlecaps, and the packaging the beer bottles are shipped in. There was a similar issue with beer cans last year.

“It’s been very tough on our retail partners because were going, as you can imagine, saying ‘we’re out of this We don’t have that. We can’t give you this,'” Stan Ziherl said. “They’ve been very very patient with us. And we adapt and change and maybe substitute a can for a bottle now or when it was a can sh...

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